1 12 2008

My wife and I are in an evangelism study group at church.  This week, as a class, our task was to, in 3 sentences or less, explain to someone what we believe.  In other words, when an unchurched person asks us what we believe, what is a short, concise response that will perhaps open the door to further witnessing.  Here is what we come up with.  I welcome your feedback.

“I believe that God loves us and created us for a relationship with Him which is a free gift available to all who chose to accept it.  We were all born sinners, but God sent His only son, Jesus, to pay the price.  He overcame death on the cross so that the relationship with Him can be restored forever”.


Levi’s help

25 05 2008

At lunch we were quizzing our 4 year old on what his Bible verse was in Sunday School today.  It was John 15:12 where Jesus said:

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

Levi\'s Help

After lunch, we had a great chance to live out that verse in front of our 4 year old.  We noticed a man straggling along the road side in the hot sun near the hospital today.  It was hard to tell what he needed, but it wasn’t hard to tell that he needed something.  He looked like he may have just been discharged from the hospital because he had a hospital bracelet around his wrist.  It was possible he was drunk or high or both.  He walked with a noticable limp and seemed to be drifting aimlessly.


We stopped and asked him if he needed anything.  He mumbled that he was fine.  I offered to get him some lunch and he agreed.  I was a little nervous about taking him the car with us, so I asked him where he was going to be for the next few minutes while I went to get him lunch.  He said he would be right there.  So, we ran to McDonald’s and got him a chicken sandwich, a coke, and a large ice water.  We took it back over to him, and by this time I had decided he was harmless (or more accurately, that it was worth the risk to help this man), so I asked him if I could give him a lift somewhere.  He said no.  I asked him what else he needed.  He said he was just waiting it out for 5 days until he got his next check.  I wished him well and we were on our way.

As we pulled away, our 4 year old said, “That was weird.”  My wife and I immediately used this situation as a lesson.  We told him there were countless people that had passed him by just today that could have stopped to help.   We told him that we did what we did because it was the right thing to do and because it is what Jesus would have done.  We told him that Jesus would have already known exactly what that man needed.  We don’t always have that luxury but we can pray and give it our best shot…which is exactly what we had done.  We told him that it may have felt a little weird, but each time we do it, it will feel less weird. And of course, we reminded him of his Bible verse today and showed him how we were living that verse out.

We decided going forward, we would continue to pray for the man.  Though we didn’t know his name, we decided to call him Levi because that was the word written on his shirt.  And we told our son that Jesus would know who we meant when we prayed for Levi.

Looking back now, I realize this is a situation where someone needed help and God placed just the right person in the just the right place at the just the right time to provide that help.

I just pray that we were able to help Levi as much as he helped us.  God knew that our son needed that lesson today and Levi was there to help deliver the message.  God knew that we needed that lesson today, too.

Books of the Bible

18 05 2008

My wife and I teach the kindergarten Sunday School class at our church.  This is our third year of teaching them the Books of the Bible.  We give the kids each a CD with the new testament and old testament books set to catchy little tunes.  Then, each week, the kids come to class where they participate in various activities that reinforce the kids’ pronunciation and chronology of the books.  My wife is really good at coming up with fresh new ideas for the activities so the kids never get bored with the same material week after week.

We offer to buy the kids their very own little boy’s or little girl’s bible if they can successfully recite all the books to us.  We have had quite a high percentage of the kids earn themselves a bible over the past 3 years.  And, we don’t just give them away for effort…they have to recite them in order and with accurate pronunciation.  It’s amazing what kids can learn.  In all honesty, I have been teaching them for 3 years and I still struggle with the order of several in the Old testament.  I always make sure that my wife is the one to listen as they recite!

This morning my wife asked one little girl about her week.  She said that she and her dad had babysat a little baby girl over the weekend.  My wife prodded about the level of responsibility that the girl had for this.  She didn’t change the diapers, she didn’t feed the infant, she didn’t even really hold her.  When asked what she was responsible for, she responded, “I sang the books of the Bible to her to help her fall asleep!”.

Those are the moments that make a Sunday School teacher’s day!  Kudos to my wife for being so passionate about instilling this knowledge in these children’s minds and hearts!