What we have been up to

14 10 2008

I haven’t posted in the last week, but it’s not because we haven’t been doing anything.

First, on Friday October 3, I took the day off and took my family to the State Fair of Texas.  We saw the dog show.  A few of us rode the big ferris wheel.  My 4 year old is scared of heights so he stayed on the ground with my mom and our newborn daughter.  All the comic book heroes made a guest appearance and my kids got to meet many of them.  We went through the farm exhibit where the kids get to “plant” and “grow” their vegetables and “milk” a cow, etc.  But, the highlight (at least for our 2 year old) was the firetruck.  They had a line of police and fire vehicles.  We went back 3 or 4 times for my son to climb back into that firetruck.  He loved it!

Then on Tuesday October 7, while the rest of the country was watching a presidential debate, my family was at the first mavs preseason game against the Washington Wizards.  It was fun to go and enjoy the atmosphere and not worry about the game so much.  We all had a great time.  We rode the train there and back and my 2 year old kept pointing out the window and saying, “Another one choo choo train”.  We finally realized he was seeing a reflection of the train in the buildings.

Which leads me to this last weekend.  We went with some good friends to the pumpkin patch.  We had a great time.  Here are some pics…


Dallas police to test for performance enhancing drugs.

11 06 2008

Police capDallas police have announced that beginning in July, they will begin testing for illegal anabolic steroids among their force.  This announcement comes in the wake of convicted steroids distributer David Jacobs’ death (ruled a suicide by local authorities).  Jacobs admitted providing such drugs to 5 area police departments: Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Plano, and Arlington.

Regardless of the unusual circumstances and timing of this announcement, they are apparently going to start random steroid testing within the police department.  My question is…why, exactly?  I mean, I am all about cleaning up illegal activity within the police force.  And, I am totally against the use of performance enhancing drugs within all areas of sporting competition.  But, why exactly does the use of anabolic steroids among police officers warrant a periodic and unscheduled pee test of our city’s finest?

Of course, I don’t really think that police officers should be using illegal drugs of any kind, but what is the worst case scenario if an officer is, in fact, using steroids?  Is the Dallas police department worried that a detained criminal will object that he was unjustly arrested because the arresting officer gained an unfair advantage elevate his ability to execute the arrest?  Will other officers point to the steroids usage as somehow providing the guilty officers with the ability to achieve a higher level of success within the department?

I guess I am just not completely grasping the importance of this announcement.  What am I missing?

What IS the matter with people? – episode 1

6 06 2008

On a regular basis, I read or hear something that makes me ask, “what IS the matter with people?”.  Usually, I follow that question up with this question, “I mean, really, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?”.  OK, maybe that’s the same question twice, but this sort of thing happens to me all the time.

So, here is episode 1 of what I hope to be an ongoing blog topic consisting of things that make me go, “What IS the matter with people”…twice…

What IS the Matter With People?

Hartford, Connecticut – a 78 year old man gets hit by a motor vehicle who leaves him for dead.  The article states that several calls to 911 came in shortly after the incident, but no one bothers to stop and help this guy.  Not one person in the minute and a half before the police arrive found it in their hearts to stop and even check on this guy (the police were responding to an unrelated incident). 

How can these people just drive by?  How can these people on the streets just look on without doing anything to help?

I am not one to pass judgement on others.  But, in this case, I can safely say, I would have done something.  Something more than calling 911 and driving on.  Something more than just peer down at him and hope someone else helps him out.  How anyone can just drive by or just stand there and do nothing is beyond my understanding.

So, tell me,

What IS the matter with people?