Bye-bye, Lello

7 05 2008

Lello BlanketMy two year old is so much fun.  I have two boys, 4 and 2, and they are both just a bundle of energy and joy.  The 2 year old in particular is at an age that is just so much fun right now.  My 4 year old was the same way at that age.

He is just learning so many new things right now.  Everything new thing he sees or hears, he says “Whassssssaaaatttt????”.  He is learning to say so many new words.  A few months ago, we were keeping track of the number of words he said…now we are trying to keep up with all the new words he is learning each day.  It is truly amazing how quickly he has gone from saying just a handful of words to now putting complete sentences together.

Another thing that is just hilarious to watch right now is his facial expressions.  He just cracks me up.  He will point at an outside grill or at a toaster or something such as that and say “Thasss Ott” (That’s hot).  But, the expression that goes with that is absolutely adorable.  He kind of crinkles his nose and nods his head in the direction he is pointing and give you a look that just says “I know you know this daddy, but just in case you didn’t, I wanted you to be aware that that grill can be a danger if exposed to your skin”.

He is also picking up lots of little fun phrases.  We take him to Dallas Mavericks games and the PA announcer loves to make a spectical of himself everytime a Mav goes to the foul line for a couple free throws.  He will say “Twwwooooooooooooooooooo shots”.  Well our son has picked that up and he will say that exactly the same way every time he tries to take a shot at his little plastic basketball goal.

He also has the ability to quickly recognize the Mavs logo and anything else basketball related.  Occassionally, I will wear a Mavs shirt or cap or something and he will automatically assume that means we are going to get on the “Lello choochoo for da bakabal gang” (Yellow train to go to the basketball game)  Unfortunately for him, the Mavs are done for the year…maybe I will have to stop wearing my Mavs gear until next season!

Oh, and one more cute thing about my son.  He has a blanket that he is completely attached to.  Our oldest son never got himself attached to anything quite like this.  But, our younger son somehow has gotten himself to a point that he cannot go to sleep without this little yellow blanket which he refers to by the name of “lello”.

(We have had episodes where the blanket has gotten dirty or wet and isn’t clean and dry by bedtime.  Believe me, that situation is disasterous and it is to be avoided at all costs.)

Anyway, he knows that he isn’t allowed to leave the house with that blanket.  So, whenever we get the kids ready to go in the morning for whatever the day has in store, he will walk his little blanket to the door, gently lay it down on the floor, waive at it, and say “Bye-bye Lello”.