election map

7 11 2008

I found this map quite interesting.  The counties in blue voted more democratic than in 2004.  The counties in red voted more republican.



newspaper endorsements

30 10 2008

I realize that I have already voted and I stated that I am ready to move on.  But, one more thing has been on my mind that I would like to mention.  Is it weird to anyone else that newspapers make it a common practice to endorse candidates?  I mean, it seems to me, that if a network television station, or even a local affiliate for that matter, made a public endorsement of a candidate that everyone would be all up in arms about it.  And yet, newspapers regularly do this each and every election cycle.  Why is that?  Just seems odd to me.

OK…on to other things…

I voted

28 10 2008

Well, I voted.  For better or for worse, I voted.  Don’t have to think about that anymore…