My allergy

15 05 2008
OatmealToday there was a company benefits extravaganza at the office.  It’s mostly a chance to walk around and get my year’s supply of new pens and sticky pads.  But, I did learn a few interesting things at a couple of the booths.  First, my blood pressure is fine…actually pretty good.  I would tell you what it is if I could remember it.  I just remember both numbers were a little lower than the normal acceptable levels and the lady told me it was a good reading.  Second, I have 9% body fat which puts me at the “lean” level.
But the most interesting thing I learned today was that I have an allergy.  I had absolutely no idea that I was allergic to anything.  But, I am.  There was an allergist there giving tests.  The test was actually quite interesting.  I laid down on a cushioned table.  He asked me to raise my right arm straight up in the air and push up against his hand.  He established my strength level.  Then, systematically, he began laying certain allergens on my torso while having me repeat the exercise of pushing my arm up against the resistance of his hand.  I had full strength against the first and second group of allergens.  The first one was metals and the second was something else which I don’t recall (maybe grasses).  Then, the third group was food allergens.  When I pushed my arm up against his hand, there was significant loss in power; so much so that the resistance of his hand caused my arm to actually go down toward my body.  From there, he began separating out each of the food allergens until ultimately identifying the one that was causing my loss of power.  And, the winner is???  OATS.I am allergic to oats.  The funny thing is that I eat oats every single morning in my bread and in my breakfast bars.  The allergist recommended that I stop eating those items because he said it could cause unexplained headaches and other miscellaneous symptoms.  It could lead to arthritis and other significant ailments later in my life.

I could not have been more surprised.  I intend to do some more research on this and talk to my doctor about it.  But, apparently I am in fact allergic to oats.  Guess I should adjust my diet accordingly.

Anyone else allergic to oats?  Is this test even reliable?  I am interested in what you have to say.