The Story of a Kiva Loan

22 01 2009

This is a great video with insight to how Kiva works. It also has a nice personal touch that shows real people involved. Check the video out and then go make a loan at Kiva.



16 06 2008

A few weeks ago someone at church told me about a website called Kiva.  The Kiva mission statement is simple:

Kiva’s mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.

Kiva - loans that change livesBasically, it’s a website set up for people to loan money to entrepreneurs in 3rd world areas.  The entrepreneurs have to pay the loan back in its entirety.  Then, once the loan is repaid, you can either reclaim your money or re-invest it in someone else.

What an awesome concept!  It’s a way to actually make an impact in the world and the problem of poverty.

Yesterday, for Father’s Day, my family gave me $25 to invest a Kiva borrower.  I stayed up late last night looking for just the right person to loan my money to.  Since it was Father’s Day, I really wanted to find another dad out there who needed a loan to support his own family.  I found Faizali Safarov, a married father of 3 who makes his living as a taxi driver.  He needs a loan of $750 to make repairs to his taxi or he will lose his only source of income.  I threw in my $25 and by this morning, he had raised all of his loan amount.  Now, he has 12 months to repay me and the other dozen or so lenders that pitched in.

I am excited about watching my small loan make a difference in someone else’s life.  I can’t wait for the money to be repaid so I can re-invest it in someone else.  I know it’s only $25, but I can keep loaning it out over and over again and helping more and more people with it.

Why don’t you go check out Kiva and make an investment today?