29 12 2008

We have had a nice christmas this year in our home.  The highlights to me have been the simple things my kids have enjoyed:

  • My oldest was in his first school program, and he sang out and did the motions with all the other kids.  In the past, when he has been in a program at church, he has just stood there with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.
  • My younger son sang in front of the church for the first time this Christmas.  He decided to get down on all fours (for no reason at all) and jump like a frog
  • I loved watching my kids open their simple little gifts and seeing their eyes light up.  We didn’t give them anything extravagant, but their simple happiness was so much fun to be a part of.
  • My wife put one of the gifts inside an old diaper box and wrapped it up for my younger son.  He unwrapped it and said “DIAPERS!!!”.  My wife said, did you want diapers for Christmas? and he said “YEAHHHH!!!”.  Of course he was even more excited to find what was actually inside.
  • My daughter has enjoyed the newness of everything; this being her first Christmas.  She got a stuffed panda and seems to really like it.  She giggles a little when I play with it with her.  She is just gotten so alert lately too and loves to smile and interact with people she knows.
  • My boys played with their cousin in the leaves out at my aunt and uncle’s house.  Talk about enjoying life’s simple pleasures!
  • And, of course, I can’t forget the Jubilee Kids Club Christmas party and seeing all the smiling kids faces there.  I posted about that here.

The simpleness of Christmas was the highlight for me this year.  Of course the greatest gift of all entered the world in the most simplest of ways so many years ago.
Here’s a gallery of the best shots from Christmas day.  Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions.


christmas stockings

22 12 2008

dsc054871My oldest son amazed us 3 years ago (at the age of 22 months) by very quickly learning who each stocking belonged to in our extended family.  As far as we could tell, he went through them one time with my mom, and then he simply just knew them.  And he never missed one.  Different people would quiz him on who random ones belonged to and he got it every single time with no errors.  Somehow his mind is able to look at a these tangible objects and learn it’s assigned person and lock it in his brain.

Each year since, when we pull out the stockings out of storage, we ask him which stocking belongs to whom and he is able to recite them down the line with no assistance.  This year was no exception.  I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised anymore with the feat, but I can’t help but be shocked by it still.

I have a smart kid!

couple fun stories

16 12 2008

Here’s a couple of good stories from my wife’s blog:

First, the story of the ever inquisitive boss who became interested in the ‘bumps’ on our daughter’s chest.

Second, the story of bubba’s attempt to get my wife turned over to child protective services.

And, since I put very little effort into this post, here’s a great pic as an added bonus:


shoe bridge

11 12 2008

The boss was not exactly napping during naptime.  This is what I found when I went in to wake up his younger brother:

He doesn’t lack for creativity!

What I love about my kids

17 11 2008

0810-132Here’s a list of what I love about my three kids.

4-yr-old – his curiousity and aptitude for learning.  Also, I love how he adores his younger siblings (especially baby sister).

2-yr-old – definitely his belly laugh and his sense of humor!

3-mo-old – her smile and the way she loves her momma!


20 10 2008

Saturday morning, we had Jubilee Kids Club at the Samaritan Inn.  It got rolling a little slowly, but eventually we had 6 kids show up.  We had a lot of fun with the kids this month.  Beautiful weather and beautiful kids!

After that, my family along with my parents planned to leave for Oklahoma City to my brother’s house for my nephew’s 3rd birthday party.  We got the whole family loaded up in the car only to discover we had a dead battery.  Since we had just had the car checked out, we took it back to our mechanic.  He checked and, sure enough, he recommended we purchase a new battery.  So, $80 and an hour an a half at Walmart later, we finally got on the road.  (As a side note, I am not sure if it is great timing or terrible timing to have your battery go dead right before leaving on a road trip….it’s certainly better than on the road somewhere).

We spent the night in OKC Saturday.  Got up and took the kids and the grandkids out for donuts which was enjoyed by all.  Then, the girls (my wife, our 8 wk old daughter, and my mom) joined my sister-in-law and their 8 mo old at home, while the boys all went to the park for some serious swinging and sliding.  What a beautiful morning to spend at the park next to Lake Overholser!

After that, we returned to my brother’s house for lunch and the birthday party.

We left around 3:30 and got home about 8 last night.

I think everyone had a pretty nice weekend.

Out of your mind prayer

6 10 2008

My 4 year old develops new and always fascinating methods of prolonging bedtime.  Last night, even though we let him stay at our neighbors long after his bedtime, and even though his brother was already asleep in the same bedroom, he insisted on saying prayers with me before getting into bed.  Fine – what am I gonna say –  you can’t pray tonight because it’s too late?  No.  So, I whispered a quick prayer and then told him it was his turn.  After quite a long pause, I finally asked him if he was going to pray.  He answered, “I am praying in my mind”.  I said ok.  After another long pause, I finally said, “OK, time to get up into bed and go to sleep, buddy”.  He answered, “No, first I want to pray out of my mind!!!”.