Gestational Diabetes

30 06 2008

GlucometerMy wife was recently diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.  Since we are planning to have our daughter naturally, this poses additional concerns for us.  I am not a doctor, but my understanding is that this condition generally causes the baby to grow larger than normal.  Our last baby was 9lbs 4oz, so bigger than that is scary…especially for my petite little 5’2″ wife.

She met with a dietitian who gave her a nutrition plan.  She also went out and bought a glucometer and is supposed to check her glucose levels each morning and 2 hrs after every meal.

I want to give big props to my wife for her steadfast dedication to the diet and to religiously taking her glucose levels on time.  Good job, honey, you are doing great.

In fact, she lost 3 pounds in the week after going on the plan.  Which is saying something when you are 8 months pregnant!  She met with the dietitian again this week and she asked her how many cokes she has had lately.  My wife said, “None…you told me not to have any”.  The dietitian was flabbergasted.  Apparently, they aren’t used to patients actually taking their advice!

Thank you, honey, for being the best momma in the world to our three children!  I know this has not been easy for you, and it is certainly not over, but I want you to know that you are doing a great job.  And, I know that you will always do what is best for our kids and for our family!  Our kids definitely have the best momma in the world!