3 02 2009

I haven’t had a lot to say lately…sorry.

But, this morning, as I was catching up on my blog reading, a new thought struck me.

Two years ago, when Indianapolis and Chicago met in the Super Bowl, the big talk leading up to the game was the two black coaches.  Never before had a black man coach his team to the Super Bowl, and in that year, two of them accomplished the feat.  I must have heard this topic discussed a hundred times in the two weeks leading up to the big game.  And, of course, Tony Dungee went on to become the first african american man to actually win the Super Bowl.02032009-tomlin

Sunday, Mike Tomlin, became the second African American coach to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory.  And, you know what?  Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t heard a single mention of that fact.  I have heard all about his leadership, his youth, the way he relates to the players.  But, not a single utterance of the fact that he is black.  In just two short years, this has gone from an historic headline that dominated the media to a relative afterthought.

And, you know what?  I am glad.  I am celebrating the fact that the color of a man’s skin has gone more or less unnoticed while his achievement has not.  That, to me, is progress.


witticisms from a 4 year old

9 06 2008

Our 4 year has had his share of witticisms over the last few days.  Just thought I would share.

Witticism #1

A friend of our boys was playing with them at our house late last week.  They were playing some game in the playroom that required a coach, and our 4year old had designated himself as that coach.  All of a sudden, he took off running to the back of the house as fast as he could.  As he ran around the hallway corner he said, “I’m the coach, and the coach needs to go poop!”

My wife laughed at that little witticism and IM’d me so I could have a chuckle, too.  A few minutes later, he calmly walked out of the bathroom and stated, matter of factly, “The coach is done going poo-poo.”  What a guy!

Witticism #2

I was combing his hair Sunday morning in an effort to get him ready to go to church.  I said to him, “I wish I had hair like yours.”

To which, he replied, “Yea, me, too.”

I said, jokingly, “You already have hair like yours.”

He stated, exasperatedly, “No, not me!  I wish you had hair like mine, too!”

Witticism #3

On the way home from church Sunday afternoon, our boys were telling their cousins about our cabin in Minnesota .  My wife explained to them that our family is going to the cabin in a few weeks, and that our 4 year old is going to stay behind with his grandparents for several more weeks.  Our niece and nephew seemed concerned and in disbelief that we were going to leave our 4year old behind in Minnesota .  So our 4 year old simply stated, “I have to be with my grandparents because I LOVE THEM!!!!”