Jump’N Land!!

22 12 2008


Yesterday, Retread put on a great Christmas party for the kids at the Samaritan Inn.  The party consisted of an all-expense paid trip to Jump’N Land here in McKinney.  It included 2 hours “all you can bounce” fun and other games.  Each kid got some tokens to spend in the video game area.  And they all left with a gift-bag filled with candy, a book, stocking cap and gloves, and a gift.

We had 10 kids from the Inn show up plus several parents.  We had 8-9 adult volunteers and another 5 kiddos from their families.  (My whole family was there!)

12222008-jumpnlandWe had an absolute blast.  I saw so many smiles on the kids faces.  It touches me now just thinking about it.  I am so glad that we decided to get involved at the Samaritan Inn almost a year ago now.

Today my neck is a little sore from some serious sliding down this monster slide (not to mention some patches of lost skin from some mishap sliding)!

This was an event that truly meant a lot to the kids and I hope that we can make it an annual event.  I have to give credit to my friend Kyle and my wife for planning and executing this event.  I am one of the lucky ones that just showed up and had fun playing with the kids!

(pics taken from Jump’n Land website)


And, they’re off!

10 05 2008

Today’s post will be short and sweet because I am extremely tired.  I took my boys to Lone Star Park to watch the horse races.  It was “Family Fun” day at the track with a petting zoo, pony rides, and bounce houses.  My dad also joined us, so it was an all-boys event.  We had a lot of fun together.  Got plenty of sun.

Momma stayed back and went to a day at the spa for mother’s day.  I think everyone had a nice day.

One more funny story from the day.  This morning, I asked my 4 year old what he wanted for breakfast.  He said cereal.  I brought him frosted mini wheats and said “your mom got you frosted mini wheats because she knows you like them”.  He responded “Sweeet!  Momma’s the best!!”.

Sorry for such a short disjointed post.