5 year old in our house

5 02 2009

Today, I am the dad of a 5 year old.  The last 5 years has been an adventure.  I sure do love my little boy.



Happy birthday, Dad!

14 10 2008

Happy birthday to my dad who is 64 today.  At 32, I am exactly half my dad’s age!  Hope you had a wonderful birthday, dad!

Learning new things

5 09 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Things have been crazy around here (to say the least).  But I did want to make a quick post today to let the world know that our two boys have been learning some new things this week.  Our oldest son finally learned to swing by himself.  In addition, he is now riding his training bicycle we got him for christmas last year.  (He has hardly touched it in the 9 months we have had it).  Our youngest son has now learned to ride his trike.  He hasn’t really learned steering but he has got pedaling down.

One more thing.  Today is my beautiful wife’s 32nd birthday.  Happy birthday, babe!  You are my best friend!  And, our kids definitely hit the momma lottery!


8 08 2008

Yesterday was my birthday.  I am officially 32.  Another year older!  As if someone was playing a cruel joke, I was listening to sports radio on my way to work.  They were talking about how 31 was the prime age for a man.  Why couldn’t they have mentioned that a day earlier?  Oh well.

But, let’s get to the real subject of this post.  Yes, my birthday was yesterday.  But, that’s not the birthday I am talking about today.  My daughter’s birthday is going to be any day now!  In fact, I was kind of hoping she would come yesterday as a kind of birthday present to her daddy.  That didn’t happen.  Then, I thought 08-08-08 had a nice ring to it.  But, that is slowly slipping away.

There aren’t any special days left other than her birthday.  We are ready!!  My wife is so ready she volunteered to mow the lawn in hopes it would get things started.  I guess it didn’t.

Anyway, at some point here in the next few days, we should be having an awesome birthday celebration.  Maybe she can hold out a couple more weeks so I can have some more lawn care!  (Joking honey).

This was the kid

20 05 2008

Today was a very sad day. I have posted before about the Jubilee Kids Club program Hurricane Cupcakesthat my friends and I have started at the Samaritan Inn here in McKinney. Well, today we got word that one of our little buddies at the Inn was involved in an off-site accident in which he drowned. This little boy was one of the first kids we met back in February. He was so vibrant and full of life.

This was the kid that was so full of life and energy that we had to keep a special eye on him because you just didn’t quite know what he was going to do next.

This was the kid that nearly had to be restrained inside the building one cool morning in March while we made him wait for someone to bring him a jacket.

This was the kid that just wanted to go outside and play. He just wanted to play. He just wanted to play and play and play.

This was the kid that couldn’t wait to get outside in the sun. He played on the swing. He played in the yard. He played football. He played kickball. He played soccer. He played basketball. He played all of the above…at the same time.

This was the kid that played basketball with me on a make-shift basket out in the playground over and over and over again….and then we played again. We must have played 20 times. And, guess who won every game? That’s right, and he not only beat me every time, he smoked me.

This was the kid that made me laugh because he liked to make up new rules each time I got the basketball… the same rules that for some reason or another might or might not have applied to him when he got the ball.

This was the kid that when I asked him which basketball player he was, he said Reggie Bush! I asked him what NBA team Reggie Bush played for, but he didn’t hear me because he was already on to something else.

This was the kid that wore slippers for his Air-Jordans and a white tank top for his jersey.

This was the kid that had two beautiful sisters that we all thought were twins. But, it turns out, one was his twin and the other was their older sister.

This was the kid that came to Dallas with his family from New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. They were trying to make their way in a new place and in a new school and in a new kind of whirlwind.

This was the kid that we brought cupcakes for in April because we knew we were coming on his and his sister’s birthday. We were sad when they weren’t there that day. We had to enjoy the cupcakes without them.

This was the kid that ultimately left this world too young, too early, and with too much playing left to do.

This is the kid that my friends and I will dearly miss.

This is the kid that I will think about everytime I shoot a basket in that make-shift goal out in the playground.

This is the kid that I will remember everytime I see Reggie Bush run for a touchdown as I wonder if he would make a good basketball player.

This is the kid that I will honor with every cupcake I eat.

This is the kid that I hope to see again someday in a better place. A place without homeless shelters, a place without hurricanes, a place with no need for jackets to go out and play, a place where everyday is a celebration of someone’s birthday, a place where his smile will last for a few thousand years and then a few thousand more.

A place we can both call home together.

Jesus ain’t scared…

14 05 2008

Today is my brother’s 30th birthday.  Happy birthday bro!  I am sorry that I was not the greatest brother growing up.  I am glad that we have gotten closer now that we are older (even if you are a Spurs fan).  You are a great husband and dad!

Now, for a funny story about my brother:

Scared in bed

When we were really young, we went to our grandma’s house for a visit.  Our grandma had an upstairs with a single bedroom where my brother and I slept.  It could be a little frightening up there alone.  After our parents prayed with us and tucked us in that night, we were left alone in the bedroom.  While the adults visited downstairs, we started to get spooked.  Yelling down to our parents, we told them that we were scared.  Mom said, “Don’t be afraid, Jesus will be with you”.  And my brother’s classic response was, “Jesus ain’t scared…WE ARE!!!”.


Welcome to the 30 club, brother!