3 06 2008

PaintersWe have had some painting going on around our house.

We got the outside of our house painted the past couple of days.  It looks nice.  It is a light green with darker green trim.  (The color is still growing on me.)  The door, I think, really looks nice.  Of course, I have no right to complain since my wife picked out the colors.  And, if she is happy, then I am happy!  Because I really don’t care that much about the color.

The painters are going over to our rental house today to paint.  I am anxious to see how that one turns out.

Boy, our painter sure is a talker.  Within 20 minutes of meeting the man, I had learned about how he had made 200K in one day once flipping 79 houses, how he had a collection of 500gigs worth of country music mp3s, how he had turned down a teaching job because they were off by $1,000 in their negotiations, how he had spent time whipping HS students into shape during one stint as a substitute chemistry teacher, how my kids’ playset will last 60 years if I treat it once a year, how I should consider planting red oaks in my yard because they will last forever, and how he was an active member at his church in the midcities.  And, that’s just the things I can remember off the top of my head.  Outgoing guy…

My boys have been doing some painting of their own.  Sunday they were out with the paint brushes “painting” the playset.  According to them, they were painting it purple!  Of course when they got done they wanted to help the painters on the house but I told them to add another coat of purple to their swingset.

Then yesterday, they created some authentic paintings while I was at work.  I think they spent more time painting themselves than the paper.  You should have seen the bathtub…full of grayish blue water!!