Snow Day

16 12 2008


This morning, I got up early and laid out my son’s school clothes for the day.  I prepared him his breakfast.  I got his lunch and school bag all ready to go.  Then, I went into his bedroom and woke him up and carried him into the bathroom.  I gave him a shower.  Then I instructed him to go get his clothes on and eat his breakfast.

After my shower, I went in to check on his progress.  Of course he was sitting in the living room naked no even having sniffed his breakfast.  As usual, I jumped on him about not minding or paying attention.  I reminded him of the usual morning time crunch and that he better get his act together.

At that moment, I happened to glance out the window.  I noticed the street appeared to be covered over with ice.  In Dallas, that usually means school will be canceled.  So, I went and checked the district website and, sure enough:


When I was a kid, I used to love to hear those words.  Today was the first time I heard them as a parent of a school age kid.  Very different!




One response

17 12 2008
Shawn W

Wow! Our roads were still clear this morning!

As a kid those words were what we longed to hear, but as a parent…

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