Agree to disagree

8 12 2008

My boys are getting to the stage where they like to argue with each other and (especially in the case of the older one) with us.  If one of them says something, the other one has to take the opposite stance.  And, they will argue it steadfastly until they are blue in the face.

The younger one mostly just argues because that is what he sees from his older brother.  Often, the younger one doesn’t even know what he is arguing about.  So, I have been trying to convince the older one (the boss) that in some cases they just need to agree to disagree and let it go.  However, explaining this simple concept to my 4 year old proved to be virtually impossible.  So, I decided to wait until the next time he took up an argument with me to try to make my point.

Sure enough, a couple times over this last weekend, the boss took up a meaningless argument with me.  In both cases, I cut it off quickly and told him that we would just have to agree to disagree…that we were both entitled to our differing opinions…but that we would have to agree to disagree.

In both cases, he said, “Dad, I am the one who agrees… I agree, but you don’t agree.”


So, the arguing continues…




6 responses

9 12 2008
Shawn W

*guilty laughter* One of the many reasons I’m glad my kids are grown.

9 12 2008

Do you ever miss these days?

9 12 2008
Shawn W

Oh yes, sometimes I miss the way they felt in my arms when I hugged them up, and the way everything was new and amazing to them. I also miss being able to keep them safe. You lose that control once they’re grown, and you have to let them make their own heart-breaking mistakes.

Of course, there are grandchildren now, and they are a special blessing all on their own.

9 12 2008

Talking to you makes me savor the time I have with my kids now!

10 12 2008
Shawn W

Savor it well, and when it gets trying remember you only get to do it once.

11 12 2008

this is true.

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