Christmas is coming.

26 11 2008

Today we spent the day putting out all our Christmas lights and decorations.  Everyone had a good time.  I did my best to not be grumpy.  (I generally don’t enjoy spending an entire day putting out decorations that will take another entire day to take down a month later…go ahead…call me scrooge).

The Boss (our 4 yr old) was my helper putting up lights on the house.  He would hand me the clips while I would clip the lights to the fascia board.  At one point, we had half of the house covered and we were feeling pretty good about ourselves.  Then, daddy made one slip and one clip dropped followed by a domino affect of falling clips and lights all the way to where we had started.  In my mind, I was cursing the ground that the lights had fallen on.  To my son, I said “Well, when you make a mistake, buddy, you just have to hold your head up high, pick up the pieces and try it again”.  And, that’s just what we did!

All in all, we got the lights up and my wife did a great job with the nativity and the inside decorations.  It all looks nice and we had a very nice day.  But, we are all extremely tired.

So far, vacation has been all I had hoped.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Boss didn’t get his nap today so he was rather cranky tonight.  I was a little hard on him getting ready for bed.  Allow me to quote from his prayer, “Thank you for Momma, thank you for my sister, thank you for my brother….thank you for MOTHER (emphasis his).”  Oh well, at least he is thankful for something in the spirit of the holiday!

Here’s some pics from the day:








5 responses

27 11 2008
Beyond Blessed

Sometimes he’s doubly thankful for you and not thankful for me. I’m thankful he’s not consistent! Ha!

27 11 2008
Stewardess Wannabe

Matt says “Amen” to your take on Christmas decorations. The fun begins at our house tomorrow.

27 11 2008

Have fun with all that!

29 11 2008
Shawn W

LOL Last year we liked the lights around the porch so much we left them until we were afraid to plug them in anymore. It must have been March.

30 11 2008

HA! Wow!

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