Fun day today

24 11 2008

Today was a great day to kick off my vacation week!

This morning, our son had a friend over from his school.  We discovered while trick or treating that one of his classmates lives just down the street a few houses.  So, we stopped by and invited him over today.  And he came by for a couple of hours this morning.  It was a new milestone of sorts for our family.  We have never had school friends over for play time before.  It was fun and kind of cute.

Then, afternoon naptime didn’t happen today at all, so we decided to round the kids up for an outdoors afternoon.  No one had a better idea, so I suggested we go to Watters Creek in Allen.  It’s an outdoors shopping mall type place.  But, I knew there was a creek running through it with all kinds of fun stuff to experience outside.  We had a terrific time and I got some good shots.




2 responses

24 11 2008

Looks like a fun place. And your daughter is beautiful. Tell her happy 3-month-birthday from me, even though it is a few days late.

26 11 2008

Thanks! I will tell her 🙂

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