25 10 2008

We have had a fun couple of days.

Last night, we got together with my parents to make pumpkin soup.  We got the recipe from our oldest son’s Highlights magazine and we really had no idea what to expect.  Our backup plan was to order a pizza.  The boys seemed to like the soup (and our oldest was certainly proud of his creation) and poppa ate about 3 bowls (isn’t he nice).  The rest of us ordered a pizza!  Then we all had caramel apples my wife made.

Today my wife and baby daughter left the house about 10am to go to a baby shower our good friends put on for us.  The boys and I stayed home and carved pumpkins.  We had a good time.  Each kid used their creative design skills while I tried to follow their instructions with a big knife.  I think they were pleased with the results.

Then, we left and met up with the girls for lunch in the car on the way to a small church function.  We were there for an hour or so.

Then we went home, stayed for maybe an hour before heading out for a pumpkin painting party at another friend’s house.  The boys painted the same pumpkins they had supervised me carve up earlier in the day.

We stayed there until after 7.  Came home then and got a quick dinner in.  Put the boys in bed.  I caught a few innings of the World Series.  Went to the grociery store to pick up a lasagna for pot luck lunch tomorrow.

Finally, I am in bed winding down.  It’s almost 11:30pm and I feel like I have lived a very full day.  What will tomorrow bring?  With my family, I am sure it will be fun!




3 responses

26 10 2008
Shawn W

Sounds a little like our Saturday, full and fun.

18 11 2008

It’s really nice to see you do things with your parents. Keep it up you are setting a very good example for your own children, though you may not realize it now.

18 11 2008

Thanks for the kinds words.

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