Soccer Tot and Little Slugger

1 10 2008

We have a new soccer tot and a new little slugger in our house.  Our 4 year old is the soccer tot and the two year old is the Little Slugger.

We decided to “invest” in activities for our children with some of our tax stimulation money.  They have each been to one session, but both appeared to really enjoy it.

Thanks to my wife for video taping the events so daddy could review after work!

The 2 year old was the example child for the coach.  He was the best at all the various drills they practiced and so she used him repeatedly as the example for the other kids.  He was very anxious to practice with his daddy when I got home!

He’s “The Natural”.

The 4 year old missed the first few sessions (long story) but he didn’t look like he had missed a beat.  He was the best (only) listener in the class and he was the only one to cheer on his teammates when they were running individual drills.

And, he was pretty darn good with the ball.  He excitedly showed me the video when I got home from work.  He explained every drill and walked me through each activity.  Everytime he touched the ball with his hands, he said, “I cheated there, dad”.

He’s the next Pele.




3 responses

1 10 2008

I can’t wait to see pictures of them playing!!

1 10 2008

Yes, they’ll go on to huge pro careers and we can retire! Yea!! : )

1 10 2008
Shawn W

How fun, and how cool that he’s already learning the rules!

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