Ma’am, consider me your system administrator

13 08 2008

I had a funny moment happen yesterday on the phone with a customer.  This person had talked to several people about a problem she was having and no one had been able to help her.  She had basically gotten an internal version of the run-around.  Then, her issue was brought to my attention and I called to see if I could help.  I could tell by her phone demeanor that she figured I was just one more useless rung on a ladder up to someone who knew what they were doing.  But, the thing was, I knew what her problem was and I had been successfully helping others just like her for several days.

So, I countered the doubt in her voice with confidence.  As I was trying to walk her through the steps required to solve her problem she received an error which she immediately read aloud in a “here-we-go-again tone.  The error was “blah blah blah, please see your system administrator”.

I have waited years for the right moment to give my response:

“Ma’am, consider me your system adminstrator”.

She laughed…and I think she finally understood that she was talking to the person who could solve her problem…which is exactly what I did.

She probably thought I was a little arrogant, but, what the heck, it was fun…




2 responses

14 08 2008

Is this the woman who emailed Paul about how helpful you were?

14 08 2008

no, someone else.

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