Episode 6 – What is the matter with people?

11 08 2008

I have saved up a few entries for this episode.

The first is this guy that decided to stab someone to death on a Greyhound bus last week.

That was bad enough, but I think it was trumped by the Westboro Baptist Church deciding to picket the poor victim’s funeral.  (I feel compelled to make a special What is the Matter with People Hall of Fame category for these guys.  Never has one group caused me to ask myself “What is the matter with people” more than the Westboro Baptist Church.)

Here are a couple other entries for this episode.

An evangelical preacher killed his wife several years ago and stuffed her body in a freezer after she caught him abusing their daughter

Another pastor embezzelled a poor old man’s life savings by promising to establish an agricultural museum with his donation.

Wow, big day for idiots acting in the name of religion.

What is the matter with people?




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