Time for me to be on my own now

27 08 2008


Yesterday we took our son to his first day of preschool.  It went better than we could have ever imagined.  We walked in with him and helped him find his seat.  He started drawing a picture while other kids trickled through the doors.  Several of the children were crying and clinging to their parents.  Suddenly, our son looked up from his drawing and said

“Guys, I think it’s time for me to be on my own now”.

That was our queue to exit stage right.  We hugged him good-bye and slipped out the door.


Crazy week

22 08 2008

It’s been a week since my last post.  And, what a wild week it has been!  This week has been an absolutely crazy week in our household.  We have added not one, but two people to our little home!

First, our 17 year old neice decided last Sunday to come live with us for the school year.  We had invited her a few days prior, and after mulling it over for a few days, she made the decision to move in.  So, we have been in scramble mode trying to buy grocieries for her, getting her a liveable room, and getting her enrolled in our local high school.  That alone would have made for a crazy week…but it’s just a small part.



Secondly, our precious little daughter was born on Tuesday!  My wife started having irregular contractions over night.  Then, by about 10am, they started getting more regular and more intense.  We went in to the birthing center at noon to get checked.  She was dilated to 2.5 cm so the midwife suggested we go get something to eat and come back in an hour or so.  We went back in about 2pm…and by 4pm, our daughter was born!  I am sure I will have plenty more to say about her in the coming days, but for now, I will just leave it at that.  Isn’t she cute?


On top of those huge impact changes on our lives this week, we are also dealing with an insurance claim to our car (see previous post) and trying to get our son ready to start pre-school for the first time next week (last night was meet the teacher night:))

It has been one of the craziest weeks of my life.  And, that’s about all I have time to write now.

Episode 1 – What is Right with People

15 08 2008

When I first started my “What is the matter with people” blog series, I told myself that I needed to also have a “What is right with people” blog series to keep things balanced.

Well, it turns out that I see way more headlines about crazy people than I do about people that do good things.  I think most of that is because that’s just what the media reports and what grabs people’s attention.  But, it’s also because there is a shortage of people who go above and beyond to do the right things in their daily lives.

Anyway, I finally do have something worth posting to start this new series:

Yesterday, my wife and kids were eating lunch at a nearby restaurant.  As they were sitting there, a young man came in and asked if she was the owner of the gold Honda Odyssey parked outside.  She said yes and he proceeded to tell her that he had accidently collided into it with his vehicle.

The damage isn’t terrible.  I am sure it won’t be cheap to fix, but it is really not that bad.  Honestly, with my lack of observation skills, it would have been a few days before I would have noticed it myself.

But, the point of this post is that I think a vast majority of people in that situation would have driven off.  Some would have left a bogus note on the windshield simply as a demonstration of good-will to potential witnesses.  But, a very small percentage would have actually come in to the restaurant, found the owner, and owned up to what happened.

My wife gave me the piece of paper on which he had written his information.  Even when I called him up last night, I wondered if the number might be bogus.  But, it wasn’t.  I thanked him for what he did.  His response was simply, “Absolutely” as if to say, “Of course, it was the right thing to do”.

I am impressed, and I will give credit where credit is due.

My wife told me he had a small daughter with him when he came in the restaurant.  What an awesome life lesson he taught his daughter by simply doing the right thing.  Anything short would have taught her the wrong lesson.

So, I applaud this young man, and others like him.  Certainly, he is an example of What is Right with People.

Ma’am, consider me your system administrator

13 08 2008

I had a funny moment happen yesterday on the phone with a customer.  This person had talked to several people about a problem she was having and no one had been able to help her.  She had basically gotten an internal version of the run-around.  Then, her issue was brought to my attention and I called to see if I could help.  I could tell by her phone demeanor that she figured I was just one more useless rung on a ladder up to someone who knew what they were doing.  But, the thing was, I knew what her problem was and I had been successfully helping others just like her for several days.

So, I countered the doubt in her voice with confidence.  As I was trying to walk her through the steps required to solve her problem she received an error which she immediately read aloud in a “here-we-go-again tone.  The error was “blah blah blah, please see your system administrator”.

I have waited years for the right moment to give my response:

“Ma’am, consider me your system adminstrator”.

She laughed…and I think she finally understood that she was talking to the person who could solve her problem…which is exactly what I did.

She probably thought I was a little arrogant, but, what the heck, it was fun…

Episode 6 – What is the matter with people?

11 08 2008

I have saved up a few entries for this episode.

The first is this guy that decided to stab someone to death on a Greyhound bus last week.

That was bad enough, but I think it was trumped by the Westboro Baptist Church deciding to picket the poor victim’s funeral.  (I feel compelled to make a special What is the Matter with People Hall of Fame category for these guys.  Never has one group caused me to ask myself “What is the matter with people” more than the Westboro Baptist Church.)

Here are a couple other entries for this episode.

An evangelical preacher killed his wife several years ago and stuffed her body in a freezer after she caught him abusing their daughter

Another pastor embezzelled a poor old man’s life savings by promising to establish an agricultural museum with his donation.

Wow, big day for idiots acting in the name of religion.

What is the matter with people?

Opening ceremonies

11 08 2008

I love the Olympics!  I really do.  Especially the summer Olympics.  My wife and I have been looking forward to them for a while now.

Well, even though I love the Olympics, I did something Friday night that I have never done before.  I watched the entire opening ceremonies.  I decided to sit down and watch it from start to finish.

I was absolutely blown away by what I saw.

The presentation that the Chinese put on was beautiful.  The scale of their performance was absolutely amazing.  Thousands of people choreographed to perfection with careful attention to the tiniest of details.  I was astonished at what I saw.

And, then Dirk got to bear the German flag.  That was pretty cool too!  Go Dirk!


8 08 2008

Yesterday was my birthday.  I am officially 32.  Another year older!  As if someone was playing a cruel joke, I was listening to sports radio on my way to work.  They were talking about how 31 was the prime age for a man.  Why couldn’t they have mentioned that a day earlier?  Oh well.

But, let’s get to the real subject of this post.  Yes, my birthday was yesterday.  But, that’s not the birthday I am talking about today.  My daughter’s birthday is going to be any day now!  In fact, I was kind of hoping she would come yesterday as a kind of birthday present to her daddy.  That didn’t happen.  Then, I thought 08-08-08 had a nice ring to it.  But, that is slowly slipping away.

There aren’t any special days left other than her birthday.  We are ready!!  My wife is so ready she volunteered to mow the lawn in hopes it would get things started.  I guess it didn’t.

Anyway, at some point here in the next few days, we should be having an awesome birthday celebration.  Maybe she can hold out a couple more weeks so I can have some more lawn care!  (Joking honey).