Is the church still reaching?

28 07 2008

Yesterday morning, in our Bible Fellowship class, we all answered one simple question:  “Why are you here?”  There were probably 8-9 couples in the room.  Each one answered.  There were several, including myself, that said we were there because we had grown up in that church, and it was a natural place for us to be.  Others had moved in to town from various places and came to that church because it was similar to what they had known in their other locations or because they happen to know someone there.

There was only one person that said they were there because someone from the church had invited them to come.

My question is…why aren’t there more people there as a result of a personal invitation?  Is it because we aren’t inviting? Is it because they are not accepting our invitations?  Or is it because they came and didn’t find what they needed?

I think, sadly, it’s a combination of all three.

The church needs to be a place where we are excited to invite others.  It needs to be a place with a lot to offer for all kinds of people.  A place that plugs people in the moment they walk in the door so that they are immediately caught up in the spirit of the people there.  Otherwise, what is the point?

So, why aren’t we inviting?  Why aren’t they accepting the invitations?  Why aren’t they finding what they need?

Something is broken.  What do you think it is?




2 responses

8 08 2008

Amen! I went to church with my grandmother a good bit as a child and then went back about 20 years later. The 2/3 of the adults still living were 20 years older and all the kids that were there when I was a kid were gone–Scary!!!

The answer to your three questions is partially fear: our fear to share the Gospel, their fear to face their “demons” or fear that what we’re offering will not defeat those demons, and the church’s fear to change the delivery of the message to meet the current need.

Your blog is an interesting read–thank you!

9 08 2008

I agree. Some churches are adapting to the shift that seems to be going on among christ followers today. Others are not. I think the ones that adapt will thrive, the ones that don’t, will die out as their members do.

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