I miss my little buddy

25 07 2008

Our 4 year old is still up at the lake with my parents.  He will be there for another 10 days or so.  He is becoming quite the little fisherman.  He called a couple days ago and told us about his catch of 13 fish.  Today he called and had caught 23.  I asked if any of them were big ones.  He said yeah, but some were small and they had to throw them back!

I am glad he is having fun!  But we miss him down here in Texas.

Meanwhile his little brother is spreading his wings a little down here without him.  We purposely waited until this period of time to start potty training him.  And, he is really doing a great job with that.  In a week, he is going pee-pee regularly on the potty now without accidents.  Of course we have to religiously put him on the potty every 45 minutes, but he goes right away when you put him on there.

Poo-poo…so far is a different story!




One response

25 07 2008

I miss my little buddy, too!!! And I am so proud of my other little buddy!!! And…I can’t wait to meet their little sister!

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