Supreme Court – Capital Punishment decision

25 06 2008

Supreme Court

Here’s why I think the Supreme Court made the right decision today to prohibit the death penalty as a punishment for child rape:

  1. The risk of innocent people being convicted in these types of cases is too great for such a punishment.  I believe that false convictions happen way more than anyone wants to acknowledge, especially in cases like this where the prime witness is likely a child and especially in cases like this of sexual misconduct.
  2. Having the death penalty in place for someone who rapes a child practically incentivizes them to go ahead and kill the child.  If they know they have committed a crime that will get them put to death, there is no reason not to go ahead and kill the child to reduce their chances of getting caught.  Hopefully today’s decision will save lives.
  3. Child rapes are often committed by a trusted adult.  If the child tells the truth and gets that trusted adult in trouble.  And, that leads to a punishment of death, that child could endure additional emotional trauma if they feel that they are the reason that the rapist was put to death.



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26 06 2008

All good points.

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