episode 3 – What IS the matter with people

25 06 2008

What IS the matter with people?Valedictorian

Today’s episode of What IS The Matter With People comes from this article.  Here’s the boiled down version: The graduate with the highest GPA in her class, Anjali Datta, is not going to receive the valedictorian honor.  The reason is because she accelerated her high school education and finished in 3 years.  The policy is that the valedictorian honor will be granted to the student with the highest GPA who attended that high school for 4 years.

Wow.  This policy was put in place to prevent someone from transferring from another school and receiving the honor.  That makes sense…common sense.  Commense sense is obviously lacking in the leadership in that school district.  They are apparently suffering from “letter of the law” disease.

Are they seriously telling us that absolutely no one has the guts to stand up and do the right thing in this situation?  I can’t believe the quote from Megan Overman, the district spokewoman: “There was a lot of thought involved in this. There is no perfect answer”.

I can give you a perfect answer: How about giving the valedictorian honor to the person who rightfully earned it?  Simple, clean, justified, and no one should be upset by this.  Sounds like a perfect answer to me.

I said no one should be upset by this.  Surely, the school district isn’t worried about someone being upset.  How can anyone be upset by this decision?  And even if they were somehow concerned about that, couldn’t they fall back on the fact that this student, in fact, completed 4 years worth of study at this school?  There is no disputing that.  I don’t see how they could come to any other decision but to give her the honor.

“Ms. Overman said the district researched the decision for months.”  Give me a break.

There is something else that bothers me here.  The school is giving Anjali Datta what they are calling “”Valedictorian – Three-Year”.  The mother of the student who was named valedictorian says that her family didn’t raise the issue with the school district.  She said someone brought the district policy to her family’s attention.  Her quote is, “We feel obviously that the other student deserves recognition as well.  Considering all of the different factors, this was a good solution.”

Are you kidding me?  How can you say that?  Why would you even want the Valedictorian honor under these circumstances?  Your family could surely stand up and put a stop to this.  But the best you can say is that all things considered, the 3-year-Valedictorian honor is a good solution.  What a joke.  It would have been great to see this student and his family stand up and put a stop to this nonesense.  Something tells me this kid is going to always wish he had.

So, tell me,

What IS the matter with people?




One response

26 06 2008

That is sad. Poor kid! All that hard work, and no (real) recognition.

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