Dallas police to test for performance enhancing drugs.

11 06 2008

Police capDallas police have announced that beginning in July, they will begin testing for illegal anabolic steroids among their force.  This announcement comes in the wake of convicted steroids distributer David Jacobs’ death (ruled a suicide by local authorities).  Jacobs admitted providing such drugs to 5 area police departments: Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Plano, and Arlington.

Regardless of the unusual circumstances and timing of this announcement, they are apparently going to start random steroid testing within the police department.  My question is…why, exactly?  I mean, I am all about cleaning up illegal activity within the police force.  And, I am totally against the use of performance enhancing drugs within all areas of sporting competition.  But, why exactly does the use of anabolic steroids among police officers warrant a periodic and unscheduled pee test of our city’s finest?

Of course, I don’t really think that police officers should be using illegal drugs of any kind, but what is the worst case scenario if an officer is, in fact, using steroids?  Is the Dallas police department worried that a detained criminal will object that he was unjustly arrested because the arresting officer gained an unfair advantage elevate his ability to execute the arrest?  Will other officers point to the steroids usage as somehow providing the guilty officers with the ability to achieve a higher level of success within the department?

I guess I am just not completely grasping the importance of this announcement.  What am I missing?




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