DVR – The greatest thing since sliced bread

10 06 2008

You ever heard the expression, “The greatest thing since sliced bread”?  About 99% of the time when I hear that expression, I think to myself…”no, I can think of a lot of discoveries or inventions that have come along since sliced bread was introduced that are better than that.

There is one item, though, that, I have to admit, really could be considered the greatest thing since sliced bread. 

Digital Video Recorders have completely changed my life for the better.  Tivo specifically, in my case, has revolutionized my television watching habits.

Everyone knows now what a DVR can do for you, so I won’t bog with the details.  But, suffice it to say, that this device has allowed me to maintain the real priorities of my life – wife, kids, work, church, friends, etc, etc, and not miss the television programs that I really love.  It’s not that I had my priorities out of whack before (although my wife might want to argue the point in regards to my sports viewing); it’s that Tivo has made it extremely easy to clearly draw those lines of importance in my life.

I tried for years to convince my wife to allow me to get a Tivo.  Nothing I said would convince her.  Then one day, a pastor friend of ours (the man who married us) used the words, “Tivo is the greatest thing since sliced bread.”  It carried weight coming from him because within a couple of weeks, we had our first Tivo.

Tivo has been a part of our lives now for a few years.  This is one of the few things my wife will now admit that I was right about.  Tivo is a benefit to everyone in our family.  We have 3 of them in our house now, all networked together.  We have a Tivo just for the kids with all their cartoons on it.  We have another main one in the Living Room for us and then another one in the bedroom.

I never miss a Mavericks or Cowboys game.  My wife never misses any one of a multitude of home improvement / home buying / home flipping shows.  Neither of us misses an episode of Survivor or Lost or any of the shows we enjoy watching together.  My kids always have a cartoon to choose from at the touch of a button.

In short, DVRs really are the greatest thing sliced bread.




2 responses

10 06 2008

Not to mention that cutting out commercials, time-outs, half time, etc… adds countless hours back to our lives that we would have just lost before Tivo!

10 06 2008

And guess what Jodi (I know you’ll tell her to look for me) – we finally have dvr. It’s all the cable company’s fault for being so crummy that we left them and went to direct tv and got dvr. I now love it!

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