What IS the matter with people? – episode 1

6 06 2008

On a regular basis, I read or hear something that makes me ask, “what IS the matter with people?”.  Usually, I follow that question up with this question, “I mean, really, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?”.  OK, maybe that’s the same question twice, but this sort of thing happens to me all the time.

So, here is episode 1 of what I hope to be an ongoing blog topic consisting of things that make me go, “What IS the matter with people”…twice…

What IS the Matter With People?

Hartford, Connecticut – a 78 year old man gets hit by a motor vehicle who leaves him for dead.  The article states that several calls to 911 came in shortly after the incident, but no one bothers to stop and help this guy.  Not one person in the minute and a half before the police arrive found it in their hearts to stop and even check on this guy (the police were responding to an unrelated incident). 

How can these people just drive by?  How can these people on the streets just look on without doing anything to help?

I am not one to pass judgement on others.  But, in this case, I can safely say, I would have done something.  Something more than calling 911 and driving on.  Something more than just peer down at him and hope someone else helps him out.  How anyone can just drive by or just stand there and do nothing is beyond my understanding.

So, tell me,

What IS the matter with people?




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6 06 2008

That’s terrible!

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