“Reduction in Force” = get lost

30 05 2008

You\'re fired!Today was an interesting day at the office to say the least.  First of all, at 5:09 yesterday afternoon, I received an invitation to a mandatory meeting for all IT employees this morning at 10am.  The invitation instructed people to reschedule any conflicting meeting to make sure to attend this meeting.  I knew immediately when I saw the invite that there was going to be some bombshell announcement made.  I thought it very clever of them to send out the invitation just after 5 the day before the meeting.

You would have thought they were giving free t-shirts to the first 50 people because people started herding themselves to the meeting about 10 minutes early.

I walked in right at about 10 and found an empty seat.

And the announcement was…drum roll please…

“Our company has signed an agreement with another company to take over much of the IT roles and responsibilities.  There will be a ‘reduction in force’ as a result of this transition.  Direct all your questions to your immediate supervisor or to an HR representative.  No questions at this time, please.”

Then my group was moved to another mandatory meeting with our VP to tell us how our group will be affected by the announcement.  Basically, it’s not…for now.

Lame-ass moments of the day:

CIO says he has come out to our office because he wants to deliver the message to us in person and then…immediately turns it over to one of his VPs to read a written statement.  Very personal, I thought.  Everytime I want to deliver a message to someone in person, I usually write it down and give it to someone else to read to them while I sit there watching.

In the second meeting with just our group, someone asked our VP if he knew what percentage of people would be retained and what percentage would be let go.  His response: “I am sure there will be quite a number of people retained….or let go.”  I almost started laughing right there in the meeting.  What a classic response.  He went on to remind us that “situations like this are not easy on my side of the fence either.”  Thanks, that makes us all feel a lot better.

 Well, I guess I better get my resume updated…

In honor of the events of the last 24 hours, I am posting this at 5:09 pm.




2 responses

2 06 2008

Wow. That is pretty chicken. I sure hope you’re safe! I’ll keep you in my prayers!

2 06 2008

Yeah, I am safe for now. But I fully expect to be affected by the next agreement which could come at any time…
Thanks for your prayers!

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