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22 05 2008

GavelI have a pet-peeve.

I think I am generally an emotional person and pretty animated.  However, I have never been a cryer.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have cried in the last dozen years.  It doesn’t mean I don’t feel sadness.  It doesn’t mean I don’t feel remorse.

Which leads me to my pet-peeve.

It really irritates me whenever I hear that someone “must be guilty” because they showed absolutely no remorse.  I reject that completely.  I think that a defendant’s remorse or lack thereof should not be taken into account at all when deciding guilt or innocence.  For that matter, I don’t think emotions of any sort should have any bearing on whether or not someone had anything to do with any criminal activity.  And, I think the court of public opinion places entirely too much emphasis on the perceived emotions of the accused.

I often wonder how many people have served time when some shed tears would have persuaded a jury of their peers to acquit.  Conversly, how many guilty defendants have been released because they were successfully able to feign a trembling chin.




2 responses

23 05 2008

I believe Jesus showed sadness when he was crucified.

I also believe that Jesus felt no guilt when he was accused, by Mary, of doing the wrong thing to keep her brother alive……and “Jesus wept.”

10 10 2010

I’m into pet peeves and pet hates too – big time! If you’re interested, you might check out my cartoon blog at
Cheers, Sheila

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