Books of the Bible

18 05 2008

My wife and I teach the kindergarten Sunday School class at our church.  This is our third year of teaching them the Books of the Bible.  We give the kids each a CD with the new testament and old testament books set to catchy little tunes.  Then, each week, the kids come to class where they participate in various activities that reinforce the kids’ pronunciation and chronology of the books.  My wife is really good at coming up with fresh new ideas for the activities so the kids never get bored with the same material week after week.

We offer to buy the kids their very own little boy’s or little girl’s bible if they can successfully recite all the books to us.  We have had quite a high percentage of the kids earn themselves a bible over the past 3 years.  And, we don’t just give them away for effort…they have to recite them in order and with accurate pronunciation.  It’s amazing what kids can learn.  In all honesty, I have been teaching them for 3 years and I still struggle with the order of several in the Old testament.  I always make sure that my wife is the one to listen as they recite!

This morning my wife asked one little girl about her week.  She said that she and her dad had babysat a little baby girl over the weekend.  My wife prodded about the level of responsibility that the girl had for this.  She didn’t change the diapers, she didn’t feed the infant, she didn’t even really hold her.  When asked what she was responsible for, she responded, “I sang the books of the Bible to her to help her fall asleep!”.

Those are the moments that make a Sunday School teacher’s day!  Kudos to my wife for being so passionate about instilling this knowledge in these children’s minds and hearts!




4 responses

18 05 2008

May God bless you for the impact that you leave in all those children! You and your wife really have a gift and use it to the best of its ability. 🙂

19 05 2008

Thanks for those kind words. All the credit belongs to God and to my wife in this case!

11 06 2008

and the awesome thing is that when that girl is sixteen and trying to find a book of the Bible she’ll have to sing that whole song in her head! love it!

14 05 2009

That’s great to hear. Keep up the good work being a blessing to others.

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