Jesus ain’t scared…

14 05 2008

Today is my brother’s 30th birthday.  Happy birthday bro!  I am sorry that I was not the greatest brother growing up.  I am glad that we have gotten closer now that we are older (even if you are a Spurs fan).  You are a great husband and dad!

Now, for a funny story about my brother:

Scared in bed

When we were really young, we went to our grandma’s house for a visit.  Our grandma had an upstairs with a single bedroom where my brother and I slept.  It could be a little frightening up there alone.  After our parents prayed with us and tucked us in that night, we were left alone in the bedroom.  While the adults visited downstairs, we started to get spooked.  Yelling down to our parents, we told them that we were scared.  Mom said, “Don’t be afraid, Jesus will be with you”.  And my brother’s classic response was, “Jesus ain’t scared…WE ARE!!!”.


Welcome to the 30 club, brother!




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